Important start up dates for September 2017

Hi Parents/Guardians:

Just a few things you may want to know about before school starts. The school will be open for registration on Monday, August 29th, and will be open all week from 8:30 am-3:30 pm. 

First day of classes for students in grades 1-6 will be Tuesday, September 5th. First day of Kindergarten classes will be Wednesday, September 13th. All parents of Kindergarten students will be contacted by the kindergarten teacher to set up a meeting before they begin.

September 5th, is a partial day and school run from 8:45 am to 10:45 am. Students will go to their last year’s teacher and new students will check in at the office.

If you have any questions, please call the school at (250) 789-3396.

Bonhomme Carnival

Thank you to Mr. Gray’s Grade 5/6 class and PAC for presenting a fun afternoon of activities for our students. We appreciate the hot chocolate and ice cream treats provided by PAC. A special thank you to Chamber’s Farm for providing sleigh rides!
The afternoon’s activities involved learning more about the French carnival, sled pulling races, hot chocolate and storytelling, snow scultping and ice carving, sleigh rides, dance, songs, and an ice cream and maple syrup station. Below are a few photos from the events.


Kindergarten Registration for 2017-2018

Kindergarten Registration for 2017-2018.

Baldonnel Elementary is now accepting Kindergarten Student Registrations.

 Children who will be five (5) years of age by December 31, 2017 are eligible for registration in Kindergarten at their local schools.

 Registration for Kindergarten students for the 2017/2018 school year will take place in all Elementary Schools during regular school hours.

 Please register directly at your home school. If you are uncertain of the school boundaries (catchment areas) please contact the nearest school or check our School Catchment Locator. To maximize the opportunity that your child will be accommodated at your local school it is strongly recommended that you register at your earliest convenience.

 French Immersion Kindergarten Is available at École Central Elementary School of the Arts only. Please call the school (250-785- 4511) for further information regarding the French Immersion program. For students entering Grade One, French Immersion is also a possibility at Ecole Central depending on space.

 Busing will be provided for rural Kindergarten programs. Availability and times vary from school to school so please call your school for the appropriate details.




Proof of Residence can be provided through any of the following with your current address listed:

  • Driver’s License
  • Utility Bill
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Credit Card Invoice
  • BCID
  • Municipal Tax bill
  • Rental Agreement
  • Notary Authorized Letter

If you have further questions, please contact Ms. Laurie Wright, Principal – Baldonnel Elementary School at 250-789-3396 or Mr. Stephen Petrucci, Assistant Superintendent at (250) 262-6017.

Roots of Empathy – Grade 5/6 class

Deanna and Baby Kalel joined the Grade 5/6 class for our third Family Visit of the Roots of Empathy Program. The theme of this visit was “Caring and Planning for Baby”. Students enjoyed connecting with our family and learned about advantages and disadvantages of cloth vs disposable diapers. We also got to watch Baby Kalel demonstrate his new skill of rolling from back to tummy!

Thank you Deanna for braving the cold weather to share Baby Kalel with us!

img_8698 Singing the “Hello Song” to Baby Kalel.img_8699 img_8713 From back …img_8715 … to front! img_8734 The foot finder is used to observe the                                                                                    baby’s reaction to locating his foot!img_8742 Deanna comforts Baby Kalel when he                                                                                 expresses unhappiness at being on his                                                                               tummy.

img_8750 Baby Kalel tries the infant roll for the first                                                                              time – this allows him to see the world                                                                                  from a new perspective!img_8763 Singing “If You’re Happy and You Know                                                                                It” to Baby Kalel.img_8780 A moment to connect during the                                                                                         “Goodbye Song”.

Roots Of Empathy

We are so fortunate to be able to offer the Roots of Empathy Program at Baldonnel Elementary School. Yesterday Mrs. O’Neil and Baby Olivia visited Mrs. Miller’s Kindergarten classroom for the Theme Three Family Visit: Caring and Planning for Baby. Students learned about all of the items a new mom must carry in the diaper bag when she is going on an outing with her baby. We also got to see Baby Olivia’s newly acquired skill of rolling over!  Thank you for braving the cold weather to join us for our session!  img_8612 img_8618 img_8624 img_8632 img_8636